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Heartwarming Gesture of Luke Bryan: Drink Beer with a Fan


Heartwarming Gesture of Luke Bryan: Drink Beer with a Fan 1

It’s undeniable that Luke Bryan is one of the finest live performers in the music industry. With his good looks and sexy country voice, fans simply cannot get enough of him. One particular fan has been an enormous Luke Bryan fan for years, and she recently experienced an incredible moment with the star.

Last week, Nancy North and her wheelchair-bound mother, Candace, attended Bryan’s concert in Philadelphia. Painfully, Candace suffers from a rare disease called as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or ALS. This disease is the same one that affected Stephen Hawking and killed MLB legend, Lou Gehrig. Although, Candace is not letting her condition stop her from ticking items off her bucket list.

Everybody knows that Luke Bryan wants cracking jokes, so does Candace. She and her daughter attended the show with a sign that read, “I have ALS on my bucket list is too…Drink a Beer with you.” Before the 41-year-old artist left the stage, he noticed the sign approached the women. Bryan opened a brew and passed it to Candace. Bryan made her dream come true by drinking with her! His fans’ reaction was priceless. Check it below.


 “I do feel truly blessed that he took time out to make me feel so special and alive. My gratitude toward him cannot be put into words. But I would like to get out there that not only do I thank him and his whole crew– everybody behind stage that made this possible–I also like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Bryan for raising such a kind-hearted, humble, amazing man. This is a man who his children can look up to and see how he takes his star power and changes lives and inspires us to do more and to be more free and open with people. Once again, I am so thankful that you’re able to share this I feel truly blessed and I am truly appreciative for all the support,” Candace said.

Another act of heroism from Luke Bryan, and a touching gesture that Candace will never forget. Don’t forget to share this story to other country fans.


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