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Shirtless Fan Helps Turn Up the Heat at Luke Bryan’s Concert


Shirtless Fan Helps Turn Up the Heat at Luke Bryan’s Concert 1

Sometimes, the audience can get a little wild with a little push from their idols. During one of Luke Bryan’s concerts, a handsome young man with a finely sculpted body convinced Bryan to let him grace the stage and demonstrate his hot dance moves. Prior to that, Bryan was performing Country Girl (Shake it For Me) when he began encouraging the crowd for more participation. He even fondly dared the audience if one of them were brave enough to come and “shake it” with him onstage! By the way, unrelated, but if you’ve ever been curious about Billie Nelson’s death, we have an in-depth article about it.

After a short talk with one of his audience’s members, a young and attractive man climbed on stage. It was Clay. ‘Clay, don’t let me down, son.’ Luke Bryan jokingly warned, ‘Because if you can’t dance, I’m gonna really show your ass up’. In the hopes of outshining Bryan, the audience member, Clay, took off his cut-up shirt then executed what appeared to be a borderline striptease dance solo. Despite his impressively toned muscles and the overwhelming cheers that he received from the ladies in the crowd, Clay’s gesture prompted warning bells in the back of the country music icon’s head.

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After Clay demonstrated some serious rolls and sways of his hips, the singer was left unamused. He immediately took it upon himself to prevent his show from going downhill, and a flight of stairs got rolled on the stage for his next act. Nearing the end of the song, Luke Bryan rises to the top of the stairs, where he let loose in what onlookers called, a ‘redemption dance’ that left poor Clay cold in the dust. Bryan’s final move for his concert earned loud, uninhibited cheers from the ladies.

Shirtless Fan Helps Turn Up the Heat at Luke Bryan’s Concert 2

Nice try, Clay. But after what transpired, it’s pretty obvious that Luke Bryan still holds the throne for the ultimate dancing cowboy. On the plus side, Clay made waves on social media after footage of his sexy dancing onstage went viral and earned thousands of mixed reactions and shares from viewers worldwide.

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Luke Bryan’s name first made the music headlines in the mid-2000s. At that time, he was a songwriter for Travis Tritt and Billy Currington, renowned performers who also happened to be some of his closest and longtime friends. The first album he released was entitled Spring Break. His successful debut gave rise to a number of well-received albums and singles, namely, I’ll Stay Me, All My Friends Say, We Rode in Trucks, Country Man, Doin My Thing, Do I, Rain is a Good Thing and Someone Else Calling You Baby. His most recent musical works include Tailgates and Tanlines (which contained the song he performed during the said concert), I Don’t Want This Night to End, Drunk on You, Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye and Crash My Party. Bryan was also recently nominated for the following prestigious music awards:

  • Favorite Male Country Artist (People’s Choice Awards)
  • Male Artist of the Year and Country Artist of the Year (iHeartRadio Music Awards)

According to Bryan, Alan Jackson, Alabama, and George Strait were among his musical influences.



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