July 31

Luke Bryan Broke His “No Butt-Touching Policy” For A Big Fan


Luke Bryan Broke His “No Butt-Touching Policy” For A Big Fan 1
Credits to Frances Stanaway

A true sweetheart – Country singer Luke Bryan allowed an 88-year-old Missouri hospice patient to break his “No Butt-Touching” policy. For his fans, Luke Bryan’s butt is a key part of his stage presence. It also became a joking source of contention for him.

A Terminally Ill Fan

Frances Stanaway, a terminally ill patient of the Crossroads Hospice & Palliative Care, was the lucky fan to break the “No Butt-Touching” rule and received what could be the greatest gift of all to any Luke Bryan fan. She met Bryan on a Friday before he headlined a show at Kansas City’s Sprint Center. She wasn’t just there to meet Luke Bryan, she even got him a Lay’s potato chips, his purported favorite snack and she said that the experience was “heaven”.

Her son and daughter-in-law were the ones who brought Frances to the show, which she attended with a glitter-adorned Luke Bryan shirt. Before the concert, the hospice staff was able to arrange a meet-and-greet after talking to the event organizer. When the concert came to an end, the family said that the concert provided a special experience as time with Frances grows in importance. “This is probably the most excited she’s been in six or seven months.” – Vincent Sokolaski explained. “We’re excited for her because she used to love country music so much before she went to the nursing home,” explained Linda Sokolaski. “She doesn’t get to experience it much more.”

No Butt-Touching

Last September, the “Play It Again” singer told Ellen DeGeneres that he has a “no touching” policy during the meet and greets.

“It’s funny ’cause you see, like early on in your career, you don’t want to tell your fans that they can’t interact with you, so you let them get away with kisses on the cheek and all that,” Bryan told the talk show host. “Someone will go, ‘Can I grab your butt?’ and back then if it was a polite ask, we would oblige them. But then you got 90 others…”

Even when he already established this rule, fans will still sneak a grab here and there. “It happens. We’ve learned to understand it.” Luke Bryan’s ultimate goal is to make his fans happy, which he did.



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Luke Bryan Broke His “No Butt-Touching Policy” For A Big Fan

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