July 25

Lukas Nelson Sounds like his Father when He sang “Always on My Mind”

Lukas Nelson is surely following the path of his father, who is a legendary country artist. In this short clip that I found while searching YouTube, Lukas almost sounded like Willie Nelson!

However, this is already expected of Willie’s son. They have been touring with their father their entire life. They have been listening to Willie’s voice, so his children might have picked up some techniques and styles from their father.

Lukas Nelson Sings like his Father

The video may be a bit blurry but the talent of Lukas Nelson is as clear as his father’s. No one could deny that he does not have Willie’s voice because you can clearly hear it. It is quite astonishing when you first hear the performance. Try to close your eyes and only listen to his voice. You will really hear Willie’s voice and think for a second that he is the one singing.

Lukas has always had his eyes on singing. He shared:

“I had a lot of passions growing up. I played soccer, I was on the swim team, living a Maui lifestyle, surfing, and skateboarding. I also loved singing and wrote my first song when I was 11. I became obsessed with guitar, playing eight to 10 hours a day. I knew what I wanted to do from a super-young age, and I made my life about it.”

lukas nelson, willie
via The RollingStoneCountry.com

What is he up to nowadays?

The young country singer is still performing with his father and brother, but when he is not touring with his father, he has his own band to play with. He has been touring with his band Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real all over the country.

Their music is a perfect blend of rock and country. I am sure that we will be seeing more from him and his music. After all, he is the son of the great Willie Nelson.

Watch his rendition of “Always on My Mind” here:

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Lukas Nelson, Willie Nelson

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