December 27

Willie Nelson’s Son Renders Hank Williams’ “I Saw the Light”

“I Saw the Light:” A Timeless Country Hit

Released in 1948, “I Saw the Light” is a country gospel song penned by Hank Williams. On his way home from a concert, he was inspired by a remark his mother made while they were arriving in Montgomery, Alabama. He then conceived the song and called it “I Saw the Light.” He referred to the sunrise that his mother saw on their way home.

I saw the light I saw the light
No more darkness no more night
Now I’m so happy no sorrow in sight
Praise the Lord I saw the light

“I Saw the Light” by Hank Williams

At first, the song was not originally an instant success for Williams. But, its catchy beat and inspiring message gained its momentum with fans across the nation. Since then, it has been performed by an extensive list of artists throughout time – with Lukas Nelson now being added to that list.

Check out Hank Williams perform “I Saw the Light” together with fellow singers:

Willie Nelson’s Son Channels Inner Hank Williams

Truly, talent runs in the blood. Willie Nelson has a God-given talent that rings a bell in country music — his voice. Between his writing, singing, acting, and activism, the Red Headed Stranger is one of the most recognized artists in country music. However, he is not just the one who is talented in the family. His sons, too, are as talented as he is. 

Luckily, his talents have been passed down to his son, Lukas Nelson. Lukas has paved his own way to stardom. He sings and writes music that touches the long-forgotten pieces of your soul.

While Lukas has co-produced music for major films like A Star is Born, starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, he still remembers the legends that came before him. For Christmas, Lukas posted a video of him gently strumming his guitar. And, he gave a wonderful performance of Hank’s “I Saw the Light.”

Check out the performance of Lukas Nelson of “I Saw the Light” as posted on his official Instagram account:

Credits: Lukas Nelson Official Facebook page


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