July 15

Willie Nelson’s son, Lukas taps Lady Gaga for a Powerful song ‘Find Yourself’


Before the release of Lukas Nelson’s upcoming album, he gave us a taste of “Find Yourself.” It is a duet with pop superstar Lady Gaga.


Willie Nelson's son, Lukas taps Lady Gaga for a Powerful song 'Find Yourself' 1

Listening to the song gave me a soulful and funky rhythm given the combination of both talents. I personally found it refreshing. Lady Gaga’s powerful voice shaded Nelson’s, given that its timbre is quite similar to that of his father’s.

“Find Yourself” is one of the three new songs released in advance for the debut of Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real. Rolling Stone also says that “Find Yourself” was written by Nelson about “taking my power back and owning the love that I deserve.”  He wrote this song after “Forget About Georgia.” It has a personal romantic history which alludes to an ex-girlfriend.

“I used to go out with this girl named Georgia,” he says. “And when we stopped seeing each other, it made things hard because I would go out with my dad on tour and play ‘Georgia on My Mind’ with him, and it made it impossible to forget about her.”

“All of the amazing experiences we’ve had have led up to this point,” he told RS in a statement, speaking of the new album as a whole. “We’ve all grown so much – the band as a unit and me as a songwriter. It’s all come together in a really beautiful way, we’re thrilled to finally share this new music with the world.”

The scheduled release for ‘Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real’ will be on August 25.

Lady Gaga’s most recent album, 2016’s ‘Joanne’ features three songs written by Hillary Lindsey, a Nashville songwriter. One of them is “Million Reasons”, which became a single. Gaga shared that song along with “A-yo” and “Grigo Girls” in a small club in Nashville during a show last fall.

Listen to “Find Yourself” here.



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