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Lukas Nelson Sings his Father’s 1965 Hit “My Own Peculiar Way”

Lukas Nelson is surely following the path of his father, who is a legendary country artist. In his performance of “My Own Peculiar Way”, Lukas reminds us of his father’s unique approach to singing.

lukas nelson, my own peculiar way
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However, this is already expected of Willie’s sons. They have been touring with their father their entire life. They have been listening to Willie’s voice, so his children might have picked up some techniques and styles from their father.

Lukas Nelson Sings “My Own Peculiar Way”

In the video, Lukas is seen playing with his guitar. Just like his father, Willie Nelson’s son managed to capture his audience with his singing and excellent guitar playing skills. Lukas Nelson plays in a band so he knows how to perform an acoustic song. His performance of the song was taken during his tour with his father.

lukas nelson, willie
via YouTube

The young country singer is still performing with his father and brother, but when he is not touring with his father, he has his own band to play with. He has been touring with his band Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real all over the country. Their music is a perfect blend of rock and country. I am sure that we will be hearing more from him and his music. After all, he is the son of the great Willie Nelson.

About the Album

The song was the 9th studio album of Willie Nelson. It was released back in 1965 and was the first album wherein he used his new classical acoustic guitar called Martin N-20. The album contains some of Willie Nelson’s original songs as well as tracks written by his friend Hank Cochran. The album had some hits and misses in the charts but overall, it was well-received by the critics.

The album contains 12 tracks and it is one of the best from Willie Nelson. Make sure to check that out.

Listen to Lukas Nelson’s singing here:


Lukas Nelson, Willie Nelson

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