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The Story Behind the Hit: “I Always Get Lucky With You” by George Jones

After Merle Haggard recorded an entire album with George Jones called titled “Yesterday’s Wine”, they joined forces again for “I Always Get Lucky With You.” Merle co-wrote the song with Freddy Powers who also played guitar during the Jones-Haggard duo recording sessions.


From Merle Haggard to George Jones

According to Freddy Powers, he and Merle Haggard were the only writers that were involved in writing “I Always Get Lucky With You” despite the label crediting four people. Powers wrote the song back in 1978 and played a demo to Haggard after about three years. Merle not only liked the title of the song but also its tune. Merle Haggard rewrote the song while he was touring and he cut the song for 1982 album, “Big City.”

When “I Always Get Lucky With You” first appeared on Merle Haggard’s album, someone pitched the song to Billy Sherrill, George Jones’ producer during that time. At that point, George and Merle weren’t talking to each other because of some issues that they had. That’s the reason why Billy Sherrill didn’t tell George who wrote the song “I Always Get Lucky With You.” It was only after Jones recorded the song that he discovered the origins of the song. However, it didn’t matter because Merle and George buried the hatchet and they were friends again.

Not like George Jones’ signature hit, “He Stopped Loving Her Today” which proved to be a challenge to be recorded, “I Always Get Lucky With You” came really nice and easy. By that time, George was starting to get a leg up on his abuse problems and the recording sessions started to be more smoothly.

The Success

“I Always Get Lucky With You” rocketed to the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s Country Single Chart back on July 30, 1983. Thereafter, George Jones followed it with eight consecutive No. 1 hits. From the 1980’s “He Stopped Loving Her Today,” George Jones had racked up fifteen consecutive Top Ten singles by the early part of 1987.

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