September 14

Lucinda Williams’ Somber Re-Recording of Sidewalks of the City

Lucinda Williams breaks headlines with a re-recording of her 1992 LP hit, This Sweet Old World later this September. Today, the album celebrates its 25th anniversary since its initial release. The album was produced by the singer herself along with the help of her husband Tom Overby.

Williams expresses her thoughts on her latest classic project, “When you look back at your early album, probably a lot of people go, ‘God I should just recut these songs’, because, needless to say, the production is like night and day between the original one and this one. It’s like a whole new album.”

Just last month, she had already debuted a sneak-peek of her revamped album through the song, Six Blocks Away. This time, Lucinda Williams tugs at the heartstrings of fans and a new generation of country listeners with the recently-released re-recording of Sidewalks of the City. The song re-debuted with a lyric video, while the lyrics and melody exhibit the depth of desire and melancholia that’s always been a signature for Lucinda Williams’ singing style. The song’s brand new rendition still carries the desperation carried by original version, although exceeding in a harmonious yet bittersweet balance between subtle bouts of sadness and an emotionally forceful tone.

As Williams’ herself would describe it, she says, “[It] is like a different song now—it’s so relevant today.”


Revisiting one of her previous albums also meant recalling what it was like and what it took for her to compile all the masterfully written songs and determine how she can add a twist to each track and make it befitting and relatable for present-day audiences.

Rolling Stone once critiqued Sweet Old World as an album that is set to go a long way toward establishing country artist Lucinda Williams as one of the biggest treasures of popular music. Truly, Williams was a master at evoking the listeners’ most hidden emotions with her profoundly moving songs.

Sidewalks of the City and Six Blocks Away are now viewed as amazing previews at what other surprises are yet to come for the revamping of Sweet Old World.

The album is now available for pre-order and will be out on September 29.


Lucinda Williams, sidewalks of the city

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