October 15

Kenny Rogers’ “Lucille” for the World’s “Lucilles”

‘Lucille’ is a popular name even nowadays that it’s a name for bat covered in barbed wire and who knows how many  Lucille’s we have in this world but when an artist sings a song about someone’s name it becomes an automatic trademark that a person has. It can become fortunate or it can become a disaster based on how the name is used in a song or how the person with that name is chronicled in the story. Luckily for Kenny Rogers who had his first hit ever since he left the group, First Edition, he did not just score the first number one of his careers as a bankable solo artist but he also made a few people remember him truly because their name is, you guessed it, Lucille.

This also includes Kenny Roger’s mother.

Lucille, Kenny Rogers

Inspired by real-life events, one of notable Kenny Rogers Songs, ‘Lucille’ was conceived by Kenny Rogers after watching a local TV station broadcasting a man whose exact words were: “You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille, with four hungry children and a crop in the field. We had some good times and we had some bad times…”

Later on, Rogers sought the help of professional songwriters to make sense of this incident. Thus, Lucille was born. In several interviews, Kenny Rogers talked about how people in his concert would react to this song:

“They always think they are the first person to think of it. You can’t fight it. I must have covered most of them by now.”

Later on, he told Taste of Country about how her mom who’s named Lucille was mad about the said song after being released:

“Her name was Lucille. She called me up on the phone one day, and said ‘Kenneth Ray, what are you doing?’ I knew when she said that I was in trouble. She thought I was putting her business out on the street. She said, ‘How dare me tell people she had four hungry children.’ I told her ‘First of all, you have eight kids. Secondly, I didn’t write it, and thirdly, it’s not about you. Then she tamed down a little bit.”

Watch the music video here:



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