February 9

Lovely Trio Version of Gil’s ‘Go Rest High On That Mountain’

The Song’s Influence

Vince Gil’s 1995 hit “Go Rest High on That Mountain” is not only an emotional ballad about the unavoidable experience of death. It also speaks a huge impact in his career in light of several awards the song had secured him. With such a prevailing message and emotional sound, Gill also performed his hit at the funeral of country music legend, George Jones. Gill became so emotional during this performance that he even struggled to finish the song.

Trio Version Made Possible

That brief run down alone already plotted just how powerful the song is. However, a song is only as significant as its singer. That being said, it makes big hits like this a risk to cover. Fortunately, it seems to have been given justice by a trio of lovely ladies. Leading with vocals, Kappa, a musically-gifted mother sings her heart out with each emotional line.

Kappa Danielson started vocal lessons after high school with an Italian Metropolitan Opera tenor who taught her the Bel Canto method of singing. She rediscovered her love for music at the bluegrass shop down the street from her Chesapeake Bay home. Kappa taught herself to play the guitar and attended weekly jam sessions. She eventually joined a band and formed her own with the help of her bluegrass friends. Not long afterward, Kappa posted a video of her playing and singing to Youtube. The responses were enormous and overwhelming. With that kind of support, Kappa continued to post her music. Eventually, she posted even her own original compositions and featured her talented family as well. One of the country songs they covered was ‘Go Rest High on That Mountain’.

Lovely Trio Version of Gil’s ‘Go Rest High On That Mountain’ 1

Watch as her daughters, Emma on fiddle, and Halie on mandolin, accompany her with their resounding and flawless instrumentals.  The incredibly talented mother incorporated her guitar playing abilities in this collaboration. It’s very apparent as to where these girls received their musical influence.

Together, these three ladies delivered a wonderful tune to sing with.

This is just one of the many stunning covers we have at https://www.countrythangdaily.com/. Watch the video below and feel free to tell us what you think.


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