August 14

Real Artistry in Loveless & Shelton’s Rockin’ Years Duet

So, in an effort to give these country stars the recognition due them, we’ve dug through the YouTube archives, and voila! We’ve found a gem! An old clip of Loveless and Shelton’s duet! The initial plan of hunting and putting together two videos of these two gets immediately abandoned. So in all excitement and with pride, here’s the aforesaid clip. Have fun!

 Patty Loveless & Ricky Van Shelton – Rockin’ Years

Great music. Their duet was just outstanding!

The Duet – Dolly Parton’s Brilliant Pairing

Sweetness Overload with these Loveless & Van Shelton Duet
Sweetness Overload with these Loveless & Van Shelton Duet

As we’ve seen from today’s featured video, Dolly Parton was scheduled to sing Rockin’ Years with Van Shelton. The two got nominated for Best Country Vocal Collaboration for this project.  But tied to her work in Florida that night, she asked her friend Patty to be her stand-in. And, wasn’t that a great choice from our Book Lady? Loveless has sung her part with the type of expertise expected from a real singer. The same could be said about Van Shelton. Bet most would agree that he was one among the best Country male singers until his decision for early retirement.

Rockin’ Years – Dolly Parton’s Record and Her Brother Floyd’s Song

Rockin’ Years was Floyd Estel Parton‘s song dedication to their parents. Having stood for each other for more than five decades, Floyd penned a fitting tribute. With mastery, he scribbled words that accurately described and celebrated the beauty of a lasting love.

Dolly Parton made Floyd’s song her second track in her 30th album, Eagle When She Flies. Released in 1991, the album received a warm reception from fans and music critics alike. Living up to its title, the album soared to the top of Country charts in its first week, RIAA Platinum certified for the 1M copies sold and 2 Grammy Nominations for Dolly.

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Dolly Parton, Eagle When She Flies, Floyd Estel Parton, Patty Loveless, Ricky Van Shelton

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