August 31

Bluegrass & Gospel: Patty Loveless’ Rise Up Lazarus

Another treat for all Bluegrass buffs out there! Listen to Kentucky pride and songstress Patty Loveless’ dynamic delivery of Rise Up Lazarus.

Rise Up Lazarus – Patty Loveless

Gee! Hear the strength and wholeness in her voice. Loveless, indeed, fits is a bona fide daughter of the Appalachian Mountains.

Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. //
Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead. //

Rise Up Lazarus in Context 

The track centers on Jesus’ raising of the dead Lazarus followed by the commissioning of the two apostles, John and Paul. In its full context, the theme is the Gospel’s life-giving power to raise up sinners from their spiritual death or slumber.

A Revisit or a Return? Loveless on her Appalachian Roots

Like her peers Ricky Skaggs and Vince Gill, Patty Loveless had her defining star moments in Nashville’s mainstream music. From her road tours with the Wilburn Brothers in the 70s to the establishing of her singing career in the 80s-90s, Loveless remains to be a favorite by many. Now aging gracefully, she reverted to her first loves – Appalachian and Bluegrass.

Acknowledging her roots prompted Loveless to take part on two Ralph Stanley tribute projectsSaturday Night and Sunday Morning (1993) and Clinch Mountain Country (1998). And consistent to her valuable contributions in keeping Bluegrass traditions alive, Loveless cut Mountain Soul in 2001 produced by husband Emory Gordy Jr.

Her Award Winning Album

Mountain Soul Album Cover // google images
Mountain Soul Album Cover // google images

The couple tandem proved to be effective. With Gordy’s brilliant mind and Loveless’ resonant voice, Mountain Soul became a strong contender on various country charts. Added to the refined musicality, each track carries loads of sound interpretations of Bible accounts. Stands to reason the album is Rhapsody’s 9th Country’s Best Albums of the Decade.

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