January 24

Patty Loveless and George Jones’ Incredible Collaboration

It is such a lovely sound to listen to George Jones and Patty Loveless singing together. The harmonizing of their vocals is perfect. The heartbreaking song “You Don’t Seem to Miss Me” was their only recording together. In the song, Jones provided backup vocals for Loveless.

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“You Don’t Seem to Miss Me”

“You Don’t Seem to Miss Me” tells the story of a couple who were in love, but when the narrator has to go away for a while, everything has changed. She came home to a love that is not there anymore. Her lover seems to be cold and is not the same way as he used to be.

It’s a long way off from where I should be goin’

And every time I hate to leave your side

But now when I return there’s something missin’

When I’m gone you don’t seem to miss me

The Songwriter

Jim Lauderdale wrote the poignant song “You Don’t Seem to Miss Me.” He said in an interview with Songfacts that he wrote the song when he was in a desert. He was near a Joshua tree when he was writing the song, and he said that he enjoyed writing it at that place. He also mentioned that sometimes songs come to him when he is in strange places.

Patty Loveless’ Album

Loveless included this song in her ninth studio album Long Stretch of Lonesome in 1997. The song was released as a single in the same year, and it reached number fourteen on the country chart. In addition, the song secured a spot on the Canadian country chart. Aside from her single “You Don’t Seem to Miss Me,” three more songs from her album were released as a single (“To Have You Back Again,” “High on Love,” and “Like Water into Wine”). Her single “To Have You Back Again” reached number twelve on the chart, while “High on Love” placed at number twenty.

Check out this amazing collaboration of George Jones and Patty Loveless.


George Jones, Patty Loveless

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