June 22

Make A Wish With Patty Loveless In “If My Heart Had Windows”

Are you already content with what your heart can do? Would you rather have it exposed? Exposed in a sense that everything it feels can be seen and known? Have you ever thought of the idea of a heart with a window? Songwriter, Dallas Frazier, did. He wrote a song about it, entitled If My Heart Had Windows“. We will listen to the version of Patty Loveless. This way, we can feel the intensity of the song and be amazed with the potentials the heart can do.

Make A Wish With Patty Loveless In "If My Heart Had Windows" 1

Song Facts

A country song, If My Heart Had Windows” was written by Dallas Frazier. In 1967, George Jones primarily recorded it on his album of the same name. He released it as a single that year. His rendition reached top seven on the Billboard Hot Country Singles charts.

In 1968, another singer Andy Russell performed a cover version that reached the twenty-ninth spot on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Singles Chart.

Twenty-one long years, after the original version, Patty Loveless recorded a cover of the song on her 1987 album, also entitled If My Heart Had Windows. Loveless’ version was also a top ten country hit. This marked her first in her entire career. This was also the song that she performed the night she was inducted as a member of the Grand Ole Opry.

Patty Loveless’ Version

If my heart had windows,
You’d see a heart full of love just for you.
A tear may appear when I hold you near,
But that’s for the sweet things you do.

We can say that Loveless is a perfect fit for the song. Her capability to belt out the sentimental lyrics of her songs in a way that stirs and enthuses her listeners are ingrained in the fact that, because of her life experiences, she has become all too acquainted with heartbreak and misery. Nevertheless, her painful past has aided as her key to a remarkable and a promising song. Her songs and covers continued to top the charts, her albums continued to win, and her personal life continued to become better off and fuller.

What about you? If your heart had windows, what would you do? Share your thoughts by visiting our website on Country Thang Daily.


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