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Know From Patty Loveless What Happens “When Fallen Angels Fly”

A mountain girl, and the sixteenth cousin of Loretta Lynn, Patty Loveless may be the last coal miner’s daughter to hit country radio’s mainstream. For her, the time is real, but the value of love for music apprises her choice of material. When Fallen Angels Fly, the second-ever album by a woman to be named the Country Music Association’s Album of the Year, expresses to the blessed and humble dirt truth of the human condition.

Know From Patty Loveless What Happens “When Fallen Angels Fly” 1

When Fallen Angels Fly, Song Facts

Patty released her When Fallen Angels Fly studio album in 1994. It reached top eight on the Top Country Albums charts and was certified Platinum. Also, When Fallen Angels Fly won CMA’s Album of the Year in 1995. That time, Loveless was the second woman in the history of the award to win. Patty Loveless’ music is neither Mary-Chapin Carpenter nor showy country, Lorrie Morgan. Nonetheless, Loveless succeeds some of the most listener-friendly Country around. She has a hot presence, whether roaring out noisy boot-stompers like “I Try to Think About Elvis” or fussing quietly on a slow, pretty tune like “Ships”. What makes one of his albums something special, though, is her same album name song, “When Fallen Angels Fly”. Her voice is so pleasant, and honey smooth and her lyrics are so relaxed.

Lyrical Importance

Patty Loveless talks about a character in the song, who have loved a lot of men and made many mistakes. Despite how dirty she thinks of herself, she recognizes that no one ever loved her but God. She believes,

God will save His fallen angels
And their broken wings He’ll mend
When He draws their hearts together
And they learn to love again.

Referring to herself then as one of the fallen angels, he submits herself to God. She believes that God will save her soul and will be granted the freedom to fly once again. This is the message of the song.

All their sins will be forgiven
In the twinkle of an eye
All the saints rejoice in heaven
When the fallen angels fly

Patty simply reminds us that we should not think less of ourselves. For when we have fallen into the wrong hands, we can get back up by admitting that Someone above loves us unconditionally.

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Patty Loveless, When Fallen Angels Fly

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