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Always, what makes a great love song is a great love story, and Vince Gill’s “Whenever You Come Around” is no exception. Did you know the inspiration behind the heart-melting tune? It’s his wife, singer-songwriter, Amy Grant. In one occasion, Gill admitted that when he wrote the song, she was, well, a far cry from becoming his better half. But with just one smile, Gill knew his life was about to change.

Whenever You Come Around, Its Inspiration

We brought you the first slice of Most Loved Vince-Jenny Duets where we saw a young Jenny singing “Jenny Dreamed of Trains” with Dad Vince. That, right there, was a wonderful scene to watch. How good of a performance will these two give if they sing a song dedicated to someone else? Any guess? Let us help you with that.

MOST LOVED VINCE-JENNY DUETS II: “Whenever You Come Around” 1

“Whenever You Come Around” was co-written and recorded by Gill and Pete Wasner in 1994. The song was released as the lead single off When Love Finds You and peaked 2nd on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. Not only does their love stand the test of time, the song does, as well. Willie Nelson, the man Gill referred to as “maybe the greatest American songwriter in our history”, recorded it for his 2014 album, Band of Brothers.

In a live performance, Gill once said,

 “This is a song that was inspired by a smile that I saw for the first time on the face of a woman that I’d never met. That was Amy Grant back in 1993. I was so inspired, moved by the sight of that smile, that I came home and wrote this song and had no idea that all these years later we’d wind up together, have kids. … Life’s funny.”

Just Another Great Performance

Jenny Gill once again joined Vince Gill on stage for a heartwarming performance of her father’s “Whenever You Come Around.” Vince plays the mandolin while Jenny sings. Their piece of the song shares the same tempo and tone of the original. Not to mention how Jenny delivers the heart-melting lines beautifully. Such beauty to hear the two sing this touching song, dedicated to someone. As we all know, Amy is not Jenny’s biological mother. Jenny sure did let a sincere emotion to the song.

Watch the father-daughter duo’s heartwarming performance of “Whenever You Come Around” in the video below. Something tells me every time Gill hears or plays the song, all thoughts return to his sweetheart and the love he still feels whenever she comes around. Do you want more Vince-Jenny duets? Leave a comment and let us know what song you want to hear next.


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