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MOST LOVED VINCE-JENNY DUETS I: Decades ago “Jenny Dreamed of Trains”

Rare Video of Vince and Jenny Gil

Years ago, Vince Gil and then-young Jenny Gil sang in the Grand Ole Pry. Recorded in the mid-to-late 1980s, we would see a cheery Vince Gil singing so happily as her first daughter, Jenny, stands by his side. Young Jenny holds a mic of her own. Together the two dazzled and delighted the Opry audience with a beautiful “Jenny Dreamed of Trains” duet. Now, that same performance has been remembered and shared with fans everywhere.

MOST LOVED VINCE-JENNY DUETS I: Decades ago “Jenny Dreamed of Trains” 1

A Song for Jenny

A song he wrote about his adorable daughter, “Jenny Dreamed of Trains” was yet to be released during that time. Vince Gil co-wrote the song with Guy Clark. It wasn’t until 1996 that Gill included this heartfelt track on his seventh studio album, ‘High Lonesome Sound’. The first country artist to ever record the song was Mary Chapin Carpenter. It was 1992 when she included it in her ‘Country Music for Kids’ album.

Being the daughter of Vince Gill and Janis Oliver of the Sweethearts of the Rodeo, music is bound to run in Jenny’s blood. Her composure sure shows how great she is as a singer.

She carries a supporting tune to her father. She sang the chorus confidently.

Since she was a child, we can say that Jenny Gill got the musical gene from her parents. Right then, Jenny has been honed as a backup singer for her stepmom, Amy Grant. Later, she has also released albums of her own that were produced by Vince Gil. Her favorite songs to write are those that reflect personal experiences, instead of just telling a story. She dreamed of being noticed not just a plus-one to her parents. Hence, one of her albums ‘The House Sessions’ showed a Jenny that’s ready to try and build something all her own.

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