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Don Williams’ “Love Is On A Roll”: Prolonged Spell Of Romance

Don Williams' “Love Is On A Roll”: Prolonged Spell Of Romance 1

“Love Is On A Roll” sang by Don Williams depicts prolonged spell of romance, excitement, and inseparability in love. This song will certainly tell how true love can change us in so many ways. Also, it will inspire us all.

Yes, it’s true. Love can sometimes makes us crazy and sometimes it’s nasty. If it doesn’t turn out well then it only means it’s not meant to be. If it does, then it’s for you to hold on to. Love is like a roller coaster ride. On the other hand, love, sometimes is sweet, sometimes it’s harsh, but most of the time it stirs us all. But whatever the circumstances are love will always on a roll.

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“Love Is On A Roll” defines a situation wherein if you’re struck by it, you can’t do anything but to go with it. The more you fight, the more it lingers. Furthermore, it also means that no matter how good or bad your eminence is, in love, there will always be a persistence of enthusiasm, realization, and triumph.

As the lyrics say…

I can’t work late although I need the money
Gotta get home to my loving honey
She’ll be there waiting, waiting impatiently
Love is on a roll, love is on a good roll

Each and every one of us experiences this kind of situation especially when you just go into a relationship. At this very stage, both of you are so in love. In other words, you’re keen to get home and finish your job just to be with the love of your life?

And It Goes…

Usually I meet with the boys of Friday
Only this morning she said this is my day
The look she gave me sent a shiver down into my soul
Love is on a roll, love is on a good roll

As romance goes on and on. And if the love is tough and stern then special nights, days, and months or even years are celebrated. Your life changes because of love. She will be your priority and he will be the top of your list. It changes both of you.

And Then…

I’m a songwriter a professional dreamer
Mostly a singer but sometimes a screamer
I should know if anybody knows at all
When love is on a roll, love is on a good roll

It’s not just the things and situations have changed, but, you yourself changed the most. Love changed you. He transformed you and she accepted you. Because love has been on a roll.


So I gotta go, I gotta get home early
Be with my woman, soft and curvy
Makes me feel like a king and not a regular Joe
Love is on a roll, love is on a good roll

If you find a man who will treat you like a queen then make him as your king. There are times that love will not as smooth according to your plans and there will always be fights. Those will just be spices to make your relationship stronger. Remember, love is a roller coaster but at the end of the day love will still prevail.

Li’l Bit ‘Bout “Love Is On A Roll”…

The hit was written by Roger Cook and John Prine. Furthermore, it was released in March 1983 as the first single of Don Williams’ album entitled “Yellow Moon”. Due to its huge positive response from the country music enthusiasts, it became No.1 on the country charts, making it as Williams’ 14th No.1 song of his career.

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