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“Love on Arrival,” Dan Seals’ Single from His 1990 Album On Arrival

“Love on Arrival,” Dan Seals' Single from His 1990 Album On Arrival 1
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Dan Seals Album On Arrival

In 1990, Dan Seals wrote and released his song “Love on Arrival.” This is the lead single on his album On Arrival and A-side to his song “Those.” It is his 10th song to peak at No. 1 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart.

His album On Arrival performed well on the chart too. It entered the Billboard Top Country Albums chart and reached the No. 13th position. The album produced four singles that entered the Billboard chart that includes “Love on Arrival,” “Good Time,” “Bordertown,” and “Water Under the Bridge.” “Good Times” also peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Country chart. Furthermore, it was also his last song to peak at No. 1.

About the Song

“Love on Arrival” is a love song about two lovers who are far away from each other. They send letters through codes like L.O.A, T.G.I.F, TLC, PDQ. Do you know what these codes stand for? L.O.A is the title of the song which stands for Love on Arrival. T.G.I.F stands for Thank God I Found, however, it is commonly known as Thank God it’s Friday. TLC stands for Tender Loving Care, and PDQ stands for Pretty Darn Quick. The lovers in the song communicate in that way. They cannot wait to be together finally.

A Little Bit About the Artist

Dan Seals first began his career when he collaborated with his friend John Ford Coley. Dan Seals was known then as England Dan. His collaboration with his friend ended in 1980. Then in 1983, Seals began to release songs as a solo artist. His songs entered the Billboard chart. In 1985 to 1990 Dan was able to continuously peak the chart at No. 1. The first song he had that entered at No. 1 was a collaboration with Marie Osmond in 1985, “Meet Me in Montana.” Seals released 13 studio albums all throughout his career.

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