March 27

“Love is No Excuse”: A Song About Forbidden Love

jim reeves dottie west love is no excuse

Jim Reeves and Dottie West Together

Jim Reeves and Dottie West singing together is phenomenal. West’s classic sexy voice and Reeves’ soft baritone voice, made the song amazing. A forbidden love story between two lovers who are with somebody else.

“Love is No Excuse” Chart Performance

“Love is No Excuse” was written by Justin Tubb, a songwriter, and singer, and performed by Dottie West and Jim Reeves, in 1964. This was West’s 2nd single to top the charts. It peaked at No. 7 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs for 21 weeks.

The Song’s Content

“Love is No Excuse” is a song about two people in love with each other, but they are in a relationship with somebody else. Yes, the song is ­­­­engaging, however, cheating is not a good thing. Cheating not only hurts the people involved, but it hurts the person who loved you the most to. Maybe instead of cheating, it’s better to just break up with that person. Cheating is a sign that there is something that’s not good in your relationship. If there is, work it out first, if it really isn’t going to work, then maybe you have to let go.

In the song, both the man and the woman admitted that though they are in love, it’s not a reason for them to cheat with their current relationships. They are aware that when their lovers find out about them they will be devastated. Who wouldn’t, right? Nobody wants to be cheated on, it’s a terrible thing to experience. Furthermore, the people involved in the song’s story were right, love is not an excuse to cheat. Love is supposed to be gentle, calm, and kind. It’s not supposed to hurt or betray. As said earlier, if you know there is something wrong with your relationship, instead of cheating, just end it. That is better than letting the lies to pile up and the person you once love to suffer for a long time.

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