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“Love Me” is Elvis Presley’s Most Heartfelt Song

Elvis Presley is known to be the King of Rock ‘n Roll. Well, he surely rocked our world with his classic hit “Love Me.” This heartfelt song by Elvis was first recorded in 1954 by Willy and Ruth. When it reached the ears of Presley, he wanted to include it in his 1956 album.

Out of all the songs that he performed, how can this be his most heartfelt one? You might even mention one of his greatest love song “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” but there is something about this track that might change your mind. Read more, and see if you’ll agree with it.

elvis presley, love me
Photo Credits: Elvis Presley/ Official Facebook Home Page

Elvis Presley Being Candid with “Love Me”

If you listen to the song with an open heart, you will see the emotions and feelings that Elvis poured unto this track. Elvis proved once again that he is not only the King of Rock and Roll music but also an amazing artist beyond the genre that he is known for.

elvis presley, love me
Photo Credits: Elvis Presley/Official Facebook Home Page

You would even be impressed to know that this song was almost written to be an over the top country. This might as well be a Ray Stevens song because, apparently, this is a parody track. But, Elvis being the well-rounded artist that he is, recorded the song with full conviction and sincerity.

He understood the lyrics very well, so he wanted to give the song justice.

Lyrics Breakdown

If you’re gonna love me, love the life I Lead
Need the things that I need, don’t try to change me
If you’re gonna take me, take me for what I am
I can’t be another man, I can’t be free ‘cause the life I lead is the life I lead

The chorus part of the song is a pretty bold statement. Sometimes, when we are in a relationship, we tend to conform to the decisions of our partners. We follow what they say because we don’t want to cause a rift but this song sheds light on the prevalent culture of controlling someone.

elvis presley, love me
via Screengrab from Youtube

It ain’t right and Elvis Presley wanted everybody to know that. The message of the song should be heard by everyone who is in a relationship. They can learn a thing or two about giving the power of choice to their loved one if they want to keep the relationship healthy. If not, well then, I advise you to listen to Tammy Wynette’s D-I-V-O-R-C-E because you might need one.

Listen to “Love Me” here:


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