Love Lifted Me” is a popular hymn among us Christians, it is often sung in churches or by any of us in our daily lives.

One of the more popular versions of the song is the one released by the great Alan Jackson as part of his Precious Memories album. It was released as part of volume II.

Alan Jackson certainly gave the song justice. Along with that, the song’s overall message helps affirm the country star’s faith and should also help affirm ours.

The Message Behind “Love Lifted Me”

Love is a very powerful thing in this world; it is the foundation of one’s trust towards someone else. It helps create a relationship among people. It helps people know that they aren’t alone and can, in fact, keep going.

Love is an incredible force that can help so many people just get through life. Luckily, for us Christians, we have received a kind of love that saved us from eternal damnation and continues to bless us every day.

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God’s unconditional love towards us has gotten us out of never being able to be near Him. Despite the fact that we have sinned against Him, it was His love for us that made Him give us many chances to return to His side.

Look no further than the Old Testament to see how God loves us, He freed us from slavery in Egypt, He gave His people land, He always provided for them and always had their and our best interest at heart.

Then He sends us Jesus to come save us from hell. God’s love can be seen best in the Book of John 3:16, we should all know that verse by heart as it is a confirmation of the unconditional love God has for us.

Another love we have received comes from Jesus, who came down to earth, took the same flesh as us and allowed Himself to be damned just so we wouldn’t have to.

We are saved because of love and we should always be grateful for that, and there is no better song to sing than “Love Lifted Me” to show our appreciation and faith.

Here is Alan Jackson’s “Love Lifted Me:”