November 29

Listen to Josh Turner’s Inspiring Gospel Song “For the Love of God”

What is the purpose of our actions? Do we act because people asked us? Or, we do it because we think it’s fun? Sometimes, our actions are done because of a selfish motive. Yes, it is okay to do whatever makes us happy. However, we should also remember that we must take others into consideration too. When we act, we must do things with love just like what God has done for us.

The Making of “For the Love of God”

“For the Love of God” is an inspirational gospel song written by Josh Turner in 2012. The single was written when he was in his newly built cabin. It’s a place where he sits down to be inspired. It must be a beautiful, calm, and an inspiring place to think. “For the Love of God” became one of the songs in his fifth studio album Punching Bag. The album has eleven songs, where eight of the tracks were written by Josh. His album entered two charts of the Billboard. It reached number four on the Billboard 200 and number one on the Top Country Albums chart.

Josh Turner For the Love of God
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Josh’s song “For the Love of God” was never released as a single. Hence, it didn’t secure a spot on the chart. However, two songs from his album were able to be in the Billboard country chart. This album includes “Time is Love” at number two, and “Find Me a Baby” on the Country Airplay at number forty-two.

Josh Turner and Ricky Skaggs Collaboration

When Josh was recording his song “For the Love of God,” he remembered Ricky Skaggs. In an interview with the Boot, Josh said that he remembered Skaggs and his album Solo. Skaggs used a lot of different instruments in the making of his album. This inspired Josh to invite Skaggs and record with him. Skaggs played different instruments like the cello, banjo, and different kinds of mandolin for Josh’s song “For the Love of God.” Well, it turned out to be an amazing record.


For the Love of God, Josh Turner, Ricky Skaggs

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