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“Love on Arrival” by Dan Seals from the Album On Arrival

“Love on Arrival” is a song that American country music singer Dan Seals composed and recorded. Released in January 1990, it was the lead-off single from the album of Seals: On Arrival. In April, the track stayed at the top of Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart for three weeks. “Love on Arrival” gave Dan the longest-running chart-topper of his career.

What “Love on Arrival” Means

“Love on Arrival” is a 1950s-style rock ‘n’ roll rhythm accompanied by a saxophone. In the song, the singer and his girlfriend communicate using common acronyms. They used PDQ (pretty darn quick), TGIF (thank God I found you) and TLC (tender loving care).

The other is LOA that stands for the title lyric love on arrival. LOA is his girlfriend’s promise to her long-absent love once he arrives home.

On Arrival and Dan Seals

The eighth studio album that Dan Seals released is On Arrival. The said album reached #13 on the Top Country Albums chart. The first two singles “Love on Arrival” and “Good Times”  both peaked at the number one spot. On the other hand, “Bordertown” and “Water Under the Bridge”—the last two singles—only reached numbers 49 and 57, respectively. His last chart topper and Top 40 hit was “Good Times”. Originally, Sam Cooke performed the track.  On Clinton Gregory’s debut album—Music ‘n Me, he recorded “Made for Lovin’ You” in 1990. Two years after, Doug Stone who released it from his 1992 album From the Heart made it a Top Ten hit.

Although Dan Seals spent the rest of his 1990’s career touring, he did release a few more albums. One was from a smaller label called Fired Up in 1994. The final album was for Warner Bros. He signed to Intersound and released In a Quiet Room in 1995. This album comprised of acoustic versions of his earlier hits. Then three years later, he switched to TDC and released In a Quiet Room II. The followup was Make It Home in 2002.


Dan Seals, love on arrival

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