September 14

For the Love of Alan Jackson

We all knew that Alan is a long time admirer of George Jones. There was this story that when he first met his idol, Jones signed his autograph on Alan’s guitar with the words, “Keep it Country!” Fast forward today, Alan Jackson has stayed true (even single-handedly) to the spirit of traditional country. Hats off to our man! Just as he made George Jones proud, so did he not disappoint us.

He was iconic for everything he sang and did. Without fail, every song he sings, be it his or from others, the words are always heartfelt. Moreover, he’s a man of integrity. Twice in the CMA Awards, he stood his ground to do what he sees right. Before that 1999 act of solidarity for George Jones, he gave those in the upper hand a lesson that a real musician should sound good live on stage same as when they’re on records. That was in 1994, and fans respected him more for that.

To Mr. Alan Jackson; Sir, I don’t know how this message will reach you. But, I want you to know while you are still here with us, that you will be loved and remembered by all generations. I, for one, will introduce you and your music to my future children and grandchildren.

Your songs were never pretentious, egotistical, and nonsensical. You spoke for our passions, our love, and our beliefs. And your post 9/11 song, “Where were You when the World Stopped Turning?” Good Lord! A timely song that helped us all heal.


Oh my! My eyes welled up upon seeing your emotional singing in the above video. Not much for the content this time, but for that dreadful thought that it might just be a matter of time before we’ll lose you also.  You are a legend in your own right. If there’s any way we can, we’d love to keep you longer.

“The greatest is love…,” you said in your song. True to your words, you love real Country music, your family, your nation, and your fans. You are a beautiful soul. God bless you, too!


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