November 23

An Amen to Louvin Brothers’ “The Family Who Prays”

As we strive to preserve and promote the content quality of what country tunes should have been, we intend to handpick songs that were formative of values and character. One among the many of my personal choices is a song by the Louvin Brothers entitled “The Family Who Prays.”

While I do not doubt that there are still many families practicing this tradition, it is sad to state that its significance and moral contribution to the society has been declining over the years.  Most couples are too busy cramming their work in all their waking hours that they would even bring their papers home. Consequently, aside from the brief meal and bedtime prayers, they could not afford to set quality time for the family to intentionally pray together.

Back to the “The Family Who Prays,” the second verse must resonate with us. It speaks of the detrimental effect when a family will not come together and unite in prayer.

Satan has parted fathers and mothers
Filling their hearts with his envy and hate
Heading their pathways down to destruction
Leaving their children like orphans to stray

Since prayer gives everyone a chance to get real before God, all the family members would know well and understand each other’s person. In other words, prayer binds them. It does away all feelings of animosity and internal discord. When one is broken and lets it out during prayer, the rest of the family would be there to encourage, strengthen, and comfort him. And that, a folk, is the value of keeping this tradition alive.

So for those families praying with intent, guard your hearts and minds. Never allow anything you see, hear, or read to dull your interest in maintaining a schedule for family prayer. The neglect of it could give way for the enemy to steal your family’s joy and harmony.

“The Family Who Prays” by Louvin Brothers


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