April 18

To The Ones We Have Lost, “There You’ll Be” by Faith Hill

“There You’ll Be” is a lovely ballad composed by Diane Warren and performed by Faith Hill. This song is the first and biggest proof that Faith has indeed reached the top. The song was actually the soundtrack for the big-budgeted romantic period World War II film Pearl Harbor. Of course, it also became a hit and earned Hill a Grammy nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for her sky-high vocals on the track.

To The Ones We Have Lost, "There You'll Be" by Faith Hill 1

“There You’ll Be” Song Facts

“There You’ll Be” is originally a love song. It is one of the tracks in Faith Hill’s greatest hits albums There You’ll Be and The Hits. The song was first offered to Celine Dion, who allegedly turned it down. Since it was the soundtrack to the film Pearl Harbor, its music video is also in the same time period as the film. In addition, it contained some scenes in the film that made it more nostalgic for viewers to see. Released in May 2001, “There You’ll Be” reached the tenth spot on the Billboard Hot 100 in July 2001 and eleventh on the Billboard Country Singles Chart, due to strong airplay. By far, it is Faith Hill’s hugest hit single in the UK, debuting and peaking at the third spot on the UK Singles Chart in June 2001. From downloads alone, the song reached the tenth spot in the United Kingdom. This was due to its exposure on The X Factor talent show, when an 18-year-old Amy Connelly’s auditioned with the song, moving the juries to tears. The viewing public did adore it to return to the original Faith Hill rendition of the song.

Whom Can We Appropriately Dedicate It?

The song starts with a mellow tone, but slowly builds up as the track advances. This melody simulates what people feel when they lose someone. At first, you try to deny and bargain with the death of a loved one. As the days go by, you finally realize that the person will never come back again. Some people use it for funerals, as a dedication to a husband, wife, or to anyone they have lost. Its lines speak of gratefulness to a deceased person who has shown you that there is more to life. It is a song that looks back on all the things they shared with you. Ultimately, it is a reminder that even if they are not with us anymore, you will know that they will continue to keep us strong as the line in the song says,

“I’ll keep a part of you with me,

And everywhere I am there you’ll be”.

Watch and listen how Faith’s vocals are outstanding all throughout the song. She exudes sincerity as if sharing her emotions with us.



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