November 7

Lost and Confused? Be a Seeker Like Merle & Dolly

The Seeker – A gospel written by our sweet Dolly Parton and performed by the irreplaceable Merle Haggard. Thank you to both! For Dolly, she preaches love through her acts of kindness with the various causes she supports. Assuredly, all her labors of love are recorded in God’s book of remembrance. For Merle, in being a living testimony that though a person started on the wrong foot, he could end well by turning himself to God. You may have gone ahead to heaven, but your songs continue to inspire many to follow in your footsteps of faith.

Have a sit-down talk with Jesus and own every word in “The Seeker” as sung by Merle Haggard.


It was included in Dolly Parton’s 1975 studio album, “The Seeker/We Used To” and was also released as a single in July of the same year. The song became a hit and was No. 2 for two weeks in the US Hot country chart.  Rumor has it that Dolly wrote the song in one of her lowest points as a country star with the discord she had with her mentor and producer, Porter Wagoner.

Dolly’s lyrical style is conversational. It features one self’s vulnerability as she recognizes her dependence upon God. She describes him as her teacher, guide, shelter, keeper, leader and that without him, she is hopeless. How humbling to hear these words coming from a legend’s heart. She did not trust in the people’s wisdom, much less, her own capabilities. Instead, she sought for God’s input by leading her to the right path she must choose. She eventually did and though it may have cost her a broken heart in parting ways with Porter, in its place is her peace of mind.

Fast forward today, Dolly has become one of the inspirational women who, despite going through a storm, could still flash a genuine smile as she gives happiness to others through her songs and advocacies.


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