May 22

Lose Yourself to this Highly Stimulating Footloose Line Dance!


If you’ve been alive long enough to be familiar with the 1984 film, Footloose, you’ll surely be in for an enjoyable surprise!

Footloose, was originally released in 1984 but had a remake in 2011. The film is about a teenager named Ren McCormack who was born and raised in Chicago but had to move to Bomont with his mom and live with their relatives. As he was starting a new life in his new home, Ren befriends Willard Hewitt and learns that rock music and dancing have been banned in the area by the city council. He later falls in love with Ariel, a rebellious teenage girl who struggles from the clutches of her abusive boyfriend and strict dad.   As the movie progresses, Ren, together with his new-found friends work to convince the council and the people of Bomont that dancing is a joyful form of freedom to experience.

Breathing new life into the iconic hit song, dance group Lizard’s Angels entertained the audience with a high energy line dance. Appearance-wise, all the men and women in the group looked absolutely fantastic in their matching denim costume, boots, and cowboy hats!

Complete with synchronized hopping, spinning and stomping along with Blake Shelton’s magnetic version of the song, it was no secret that the competition already had a sure winner that day. Even the audience couldn’t contain all that upbeat energy as they began moving to the beat as well while they cheered for the group. On the downside, the stage seemed a bit too cramped for the group since they were a little too clustered and some of their movements lacked power and assertion due to the small amount of space that they shared. Still, all the members exuded the same level of calmness and attitude that made them so addicting to watch from start to finish. Perhaps they were trying to channel Ren’s confidence and Ariel’s rebel aura to add more impact to their dance number?

The Lizard’s Angels have graced different stages and events with different amazing performances. The great thing about their performance is that they always seem to bring something new to the table. Their movements are well-coordinated and interpret their song choices impeccably.

Are you a fan of Lizard’s Angels? Or do you have a different dance group in mind? Send a link to your favorite dance group’s performance or share your thoughts on Lizard’s Angels’ Foot Loose line dance!


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