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Lori McKenna, Reminding Family’s Importance In “People Get Old”

A chance radio listener may not know Lori McKenna. But, an occasional radio fan would instantly identify her work. She is the creative force behind some of our favorite country superstars. She is an award-winning songwriter who has penned multiple mega-hits, including Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush” and Tim McGraw‘s “Humble and Kind.” Moreover, Lori has released ten studio albums as an artist, approaching cherished themes with a signature style and talent that covers lots of emotive ground yet never losses authenticity. Her 2016 The Bird and The Rifle album, brought ample raw emotion and genuineness.

On July 20, her solo career will further broaden with her eleventh album, The Tree. Her first track “People Get Old” is a touching reminder how time passes so fast.

Lori McKenna, Reminding Family's Importance In “People Get Old” 1

More About “People Get Old”

The Tree is Lori McKenna’s second album collaboration with Dave Cobb. With her upcoming album, out on July 20th, McKenna explores the theme of family. This is a common theme in her writing. At times, her motivation comes from her own life. Also, it comes from stories she has listened to or ones that have grown from her rich imagination. She says,

“I love people’s stories about their families — the way they tic and the ways we’re all crazy and love each other. I hope my songs shine a little light on that for a second. Maybe our stories remind us of our families and what they give us. It’s beautiful, and sometimes we take it for granted.”

In anticipation of the album, McKenna offers a first peek with the sweet and reflective “People Get Old”. A picture beautifully knitted from the ambiances of youth. McKenna unfolds everyday, childhood memories and symbols her dad’s manliness – his watch, his scotch, his t-shirt with the sleeves cut off. taken away the toughness she calculated on seeing in him. She sings,

Time is a thief, pain is a gift
The past is the past, it is what it is
Every line on your face tells a story somebody knows
That’s just how it goes
You live long enough and the people you love get old.

Truly, some relationships in our lives are so vital, endless, and normal that it seems nearly impossible for any expression of warmth to do them justice. Thankfully, commemorating everyday affection is a specialty of Lori McKenna. It is yet another deeply moving tune in McKenna’s list, which concentrates in an insightful emotional expression.

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lori mckenna, People Get old

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