When the time comes, and they are to lay you down, would you be ready? Will you be happy at the end of your life instead of feeling bad about what’s happening? Will you find yourself regretting about the things you haven’t achieved or done yet?

“Lay Me Down”

Loretta Lynn gives us a song that’ll keep us wondering about what will happen at the end of our life. “Lay Me Down” was written by Mark Marchetti, Lynn’s son-in-law, for her album Full Circle.

lay me down loretta lynn willie nelson

Photo Credit: Loretta Lynn and Willie Nelson/ Willie Nelson’s Official Website

The album was released in 2016, which contained records from 2007 to 2015. Lynn’s album featured thirteen songs and one introduction. In here, two of the tracks were a collaboration. “Everything It Takes” was a duet with Elvis Costello, and “Lay Me Down” was a collaboration with Willie Nelson.

A One-of-a-Kind Duet by Loretta Lynn and Willie Nelson

It took thirty-one years before Nelson and Lynn were finally able to work together again. The last time was in 1985, during the Farm Aid Concert. Now that they are able to work their schedules, we are given a chance to listen to this rare collaboration by two legends.

About the Song

Lynn’s song tells the story of the narrator who gracefully accepts death when it knocks on her door instead of fighting against it or regretting things. She’ll lay down peacefully and welcome death like an old friend.

It is not easy to look death in the eye. The idea of it alone is scary. Some people are not open to such because when death comes, it’s the end of everything. However, if we live life to the fullest every day, even though we know life is unfair, it could help us accept death when it comes. Just like Lynn’s song, may we gracefully welcome death when the right time comes.

Lynn and Nelson together is magic. It’s something we must treasure as country songs performed by legends come rarely nowadays.

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