September 21

“In The Sweet By and By,” The Cover Version of Loretta Lynn

Hymns By Loretta Lynn

In 1965, Loretta Lynn released her fifth studio album and the first gospel album of her career, Hymns. Her album included twelve gospel songs that were a combination of original and traditional songs. Loretta included the traditional hymns “(There’ll Be) Peace in the Valley,” “How Great Thou Art,” “Old Camp Meetin’ Time,” “I’d Rather Have Jesus,” and “In the Sweet By and By.” The original work from her album was her song “Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven.” Hymns made it to the Billboard Hot Country Albums chart at No. 10.

“In the Sweet By and By” the Making

Today we listen to one of the commonly known gospel song “In the Sweet By and By.” This traditional Christian hymn was written by Fillmore Bennet. The words of the song came to him instantly when a musician named Joseph Webster mentioned the words by and by. Upon hearing those words, Bennet immediately composed the song “In the Sweet By and By.” In 1868, the song was finally published with the notes or music incorporated into it.

Other Cover Versions

The first version was performed in 1927 by the Dixie Scared Singers. Since then, it has been recorded until 2015. Other country artists who covered this Christian hymn are the following:

The Song

“In the Sweet By and By” is a simple and meaningful hymn that assures us that there is a place where we will meet Jesus. In that place, it will be beautiful and peaceful, with no more worries and no more pain. Moreover, the hymn reminds us that while we are here and waiting to reach a place we will call home, we should praise God. We should all be thankful that God has been blessing us always and that His love is never-ending. Therefore, just as the song says, folks, we should praise and thank God.

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In The Sweet By And By, Loretta Lynn

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