Talent Runs in the Family with Loretta Lynn’s Granddaughter

February 6, 2019

It is a norm that if the parents are talented, so are the children and grandchildren. This is due to the fact that genes are being passed down from generation to generation. Also, this will put pressure on the children to excel and find their interest if their parents are that talented.

Moreover, in many cases, being born to this kind of household would be emotionally stressful for the children. Anyhow, this can be an exciting environment as well. Having your parents and old folks as your coach and mentor is priceless. Having the same talent with them can also be a form of bonding. There are a lot of personalities in Hollywood who mentored their kids and eventually, they became superstars like themselves. Just like the granddaughter of Loretta Lynn, who also loves singing and songwriting. Maybe, she will be the next country superstar in the coming years. So we need to watch out for this little gal.

The Generation of Superstars

Loretta Lynn has a spanning career of 60 years in the music industry and she has been famous ever since. During her childhood, Lynn showed early signs that she is talented and she also showed her interest in music. Further, during the ‘50s, she started singing at local clubs to build her career as a professional singer. Until luck knocked at her doorstep in the ‘60s wherein she signed her first contract. Today, she is considered an icon for her contributions to the industry.

Emmy Rose is one of the granddaughters of Loretta Lynn and just like her grandmother, it seems that she loves music too. Rose is just eleven years old and she is now starting to be noticed by the public. Furthermore, this little girl seems shy, but she has the guts to be a superstar.

Check out this video of Rose singing on stage.