November 20

Loretta Lynn Honors Her Friend Patsy Cline by Covering “Crazy”


Loretta Lynn’s friendship with Patsy Cline began when Cline heard Loretta’s performance. The two met, and they have instantly formed a bond that lasted until Cline’s death. Patsy was kind to Loretta. She gave Loretta some advice on how to perform and handed down some of her clothes to her. So, when Cline was killed in a plane crash, this left Loretta out of words.

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I Remember Patsy Album

Even though Cline’s gone, Loretta still values her friendship with Cline. She continued to honor her in any way possible. In 1977, Loretta released her twenty-eighth studio album known as I Remember Patsy. The album contained ten iconic Patsy Cline songs covered by Loretta.

Two of the songs in her album made it to the Billboard chart (“She’s Got You” and “Why Can’t He Be You”). Meanwhile, the album secured the number two spot on the Billboard chart.


  1. “She’s Got You”
  2. “Walkin’ After Midnight”
  3. “Why Can’t He Be You”
  4. “Faded Love”
  5. “I Fall to Pieces”
  6. “Crazy”
  7. “Sweet Dreams”
  8. “Back in Baby’s Arms”
  9. “Leavin’ on Your Mind”
  10. “I Remember Patsy…A Conversation”


As we all know, one of Patsy Cline’s best-known song was included in Loretta’s tribute album. “Crazy” is a song written by Willie Nelson in 1961. It was supposed to be for Billy Walker, but he declined the song because he said it’s best if it will be recorded by a female artist instead of a male. Therefore, this song fell into Patsy’s hand. It then became one of her signature songs. Patsy made it reach number two on the Billboard Country Songs chart. In addition, it also placed at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. “Crazy” became one of Rolling Stone’s Greatest Songs of All Time.

Loretta’s cover of Patsy’s single was incredible. It’s one of the best covers of Patsy Cline’s song, but of course, nothing can compare to Patsy’s original version of “Crazy.”


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