February 23, 2018

What Did Loretta Lynn Confide to ‘Dear Uncle Sam’?

Supporting Loretta Lynn’s fearlessness, are her songs about real life experiences. There is one Loretta Lynn song in 1966, talking about the Vietnam War. It was one of the first country music songs to discuss the war. It was Lynn’s first self-composed song to enter the country music charts.

What Did Loretta Lynn Confide to ‘Dear Uncle Sam’? 1

Whose story is it?

In some of her interviews, Lynn has said that she got the idea for ‘Dear Uncle Sam’ after listening to the radio and feeling distressed about the Vietnam War. Lynn regularly sings this one in concerts, confessing that war still weighs heavily in the hearts and minds of her fans.

‘Dear Uncle Sam’ is from a wife’s perspective whose spouse is killed in the Vietnam War fighting for our country. However, she most definitely is not in complete support of the war because she lost her sweetheart. The line in the song that stands out the most is its third verse,

“Don’t misunderstand

I know he’s fighting for our land,

I really love my country

But I also love my man.”

This verse really catches our heed, because it speaks of ambivalence on the wife’s part. Although she supports her country, her husband is what really matters in the end.

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Uncle Sam and the Song’s Impact

Lynn’s husband, Doolittle, suggested she write a war song after they heard one of several news bulletins on the radio about the conflict. Lynn was uncertain how to develop a song out of it. Lynn said she doesn’t know anything good about the war. Thus, she doesn’t have anything good to write about it. To which his husband replied,

“What’s wrong with writing to Uncle Sam?”

That moment, Lynn realized Uncle Sam is the man that all the mothers ought to write to. To this day when Lynn plays this live, she always dedicates it to her husband.

Dear Uncle Sam’ delivers a message to so many people. The wife in the song, for example, was impacted heavily by the fact that her sweetheart had to go to war and die. Also, many people lost loved ones in the war, impacted society as a whole.

‘Dear uncle Sam’ is wonderfully written and we truly adore that it is being shared through a song. 

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