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The Primitive Quartet’s Version of “Lord Lead Me On”

primitive quartet lord lead me on

When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you do? We do a lot of things but there is always one thing to consider, pray. The moment you wake up you must pray to God. It doesn’t have to be a lengthy prayer, a simple one would be enough. We need God’s guidance in our lives every single day because we need someone to look after us. Why? We don’t know what will happen next, only where we are at the moment. But, if we ask God’s help to guide us and take the lead then we are sure that He will lead us safely to where we are supposed to be.

“Lord Lead Me On”: A Meaningful Song

“Lord Lead Me On” is a bluegrass gospel song that serves as a reminder and at the same time brings comfort to anyone who listens to it. A reminder because we all know that we are not capable of controlling our life, therefore we need God to help us. We need God to take hold of our hand, like a child, and lead the way to the right path. It brings comfort because we are certain that there is someone up there who is watching over us. We know that we will not get lost if we just surrender ourselves wholeheartedly to God. That’s how beautiful this song is, with its two meaning and of course, it’s catchy beat or rhythm.


There were a lot of versions for this song, “Lord Lead Me On,” including that of Bill Monroe and The Bluegrass Boys, and the Primitive Quartet.

Primitive Quartet

The Primitive Quartet is an all-male group that was formed to deliver the message of the Lord in order to save people’s lives. They travel to different places to sing gospel songs. Furthermore, they perform traditional music to keep it alive.

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