November 20

Listen to Buck Owens and Rose Maddox’s Duet of “Loose Talk”

Some people say whatever they want to say without thinking what others may feel. The pleasure behind this activity is not clear. However, people enjoy making stories about others to satisfy themselves. This act will always cause harm not only to the person making up stories or gossiping but also to the person being talked about.

“Loose Talk” By Carl Smith

“Loose Talk” is a song made famous by Carl Smith in 1954. Smith earned his fifth and last number one on the Billboard country chart with this single. He released it with his other song “More Than Anything Else in The World.” The latter was also able to secure a spot on the Billboard country chart.

Buck Owens and Rose Maddox Version

In 1960, Buck Owens and Rose Maddox covered “Loose Talk” as their first duet. Their single entered the Billboard country chart peaking at number four. Owens and Rose’s song served as the B-side to their single “Mental Cruelty.” The latter also entered the country chart at number eight. “We’re the Talk of the Town” is another song by Owens and Maddox that have secured a position on the country chart.

It’s All About the Song

The song tells the story of two lovers who are happily married. The only problem was the people surrounding them. At the beginning of the song, the narrator emphasized that his relationship with his wife is perfect. However, some people make up stories to break them up.

“So long we’ve been married last burden we’ve carried

Though fate kept us humble and made our love true

But plans that we’d make up someone seems to break up”

It’s never easy when others try to meddle in your life. Often, it could lead to problems in relationships. The only way is to trust one another and not mind what people say. It’s only you and the person you love who know what is really happening in your life. Therefore, don’t mind the loose talk from people who do not matter.

“They say you are leaving that you are deceiving

But you tell me they say the same about me

But we’ll show them there on that loose talk and do harm

And hope that’s the truth they will see

We may have to leave here.”


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