December 13

“You Look So Good In Love”, George Strait Sings

Watch Straight Perform “You Look So Good in Love” Live

George Strait means “business”. Once he has his musical genius on, he makes sure the fans get their money’s worth when they attend one of his shows.

Glen Ballard, Rory Michael Bourke and Kerry Chater composed “You Look So Good in Love”. Renowned George Strait, an American country singer, made its cover. For many years, “You Look So Good in Love” was his highest song debut. It occupied the 31st spot on the Hot Country Songs charts. In January 1984, “You Look So Good in Love” was George Strait’s third number 1 track on the chart. Released in September 1983, it was the lead single from his album Right or Wrong.

The album Right or Wrong is the third American country music artist’s studio album. MCA Records released George Strait’s album in March 1983. Right or Wrong, the album, topped the Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart in North America. It reached the 163rd spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart. The singles “You Look So Good in Love”, “Right or Wrong” and “Let’s Fall to Pieces Together” all topped the Hot Country Singles chart. Recorded and mixed digitally, the album was a Strait hit.

“You Look So Good in Love” turns around a story of a guy. While looking at his ex-lover fall in love with another guy, he realizes just how happy his former girlfriend looks now. It saddens him to see that she has truly fallen in love. He feels remorseful for himself because he was not the guy that made her happy. On the other hand, part of him takes in that they were not meant to be together.


The Music Video

“You Look So Good in Love” was Strait’s first ever music video. Disapproving its “slow-paced and romantic themed” video, George Strait asked them to take it off the air. Because of this incident, for some years later, he turned down doing music videos.


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