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“I’m Longing for Heaven” Deepens Our Desire to be with God

"I'm Longing for Heaven" Deepens Our Desire to be with God 1
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Longing for heaven at least once in our lives may have already happened to most of us. Realizing that our life on earth has an end, we can’t get away from thinking where we shall go after. Also, knowing that there’s a place where pure happiness exists moves us to look forward to reaching that paradise one day. But, is our main motivation in longing for heaven only to get rid of the negative and unhappy things present in this world? This should not be the case because this is certainly not what God wants us to feel. Let’s draw some enlightenment from the song “I’m Longing for Heaven” by Karen Peck and New River. 

The Song “I’m Longing for Heaven” 

Composed by Tommy Swindell, “I’m Longing for Heaven,” is basically discussing the specific reasons why the narrator longs to be in the heavenly paradise someday. In the first stanza of the song, the narrator describes heaven to be a place where only happiness resides. There, no crying will ever be experienced because God will wipe all our tears away. Added to this was the presence of peace and contentment. Living in a troubled world, we can’t help but feel tired and burdened. These difficult circumstances further drive us to long for heaven.

In the succeeding verse, the narrator’s excitement is much felt. Seeing Jesus, our Savior, face to face is something that’s so exciting. That moment would be the highest point of our lives. Complete happiness will surround us as soon as we see God and feel His warm embrace. Hence, how can we not long even more for heaven?

This feeling of excitement got stronger as we move to the last stanza. Here, the narrator specifically mentioned our complete separation from death and the acceptance of eternal life the moment we reach heaven. With no other than Jesus waiting there to greet and welcome us to His Kingdom, we can’t help but desire for that moment to come soon.

Let us listen to a rendition of the song to keep our longing for heaven burning.

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I'm Longing for Heaven, Karen Peck and New River, Tommy Swindell

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