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A Sentimental Ballad “Lonesome Old House” in Bluegrass Style

A Sentimental Ballad "Lonesome Old House" in Bluegrass Style 1
Ralph Stanley (center) and Charlie Sizemore (second from right) performing “Lonesome Old House” in bluegrass style | Photo credit:

It’s true, no matter how gloomy the text of a song is, everything becomes different when sung in a unique style. As it happens in the music scene, the artist still holds the key to a song’s success or failure. Oftentimes, this does not solely rely on the artist’s vocals but on the overall delivery of the song. For us to understand this clearly, let’s look into the song “Lonesome Old House” set to a bluegrass style. Performing it in the featured video below was no other than the late American bluegrass artist Ralph Stanley. With him was bluegrass singer, songwriter, and guitarist Charlie Sizemore. As both artists share a common interest in bluegrass music, teaming up would certainly lead to a spectacular performance. Watch their rendition of “Lonesome Old House” in bluegrass style and you won’t ever regret.

Amazing, isn’t it? Given Stanley’s distinctive vocals and exceptional banjo playing skills matched with Sizemore’s acclaimed singing and guitar talents, there’s no doubt their performance would be as astounding. Contributing essentially to this incredible rendition of a poignant song was James Price on fiddle and Junior Blakenship on lead guitar.

The “Lonesome Old House” Song

This song is basically a sad country ballad as it expresses the narrator’s sentiment over a lost love. In the song, the protagonist vented his emotions to an old house where he and his lover once shared. The narrator mused over the miserable memories of the place. Apparently, everything about the place is filled with unhappiness. What used to be a happy and bright house turned to become its exact opposite when the narrator’s lover had left.

Meanwhile, “Lonesome Old House” was a Top 15 hit for Don Gibson reaching No. 11 on the country music chart. The American songwriter and country singer was among the artists who initially recorded the song. Gibson’s version was released in 1959 and appeared on several of his future recordings.

Listen to Gibson’s cover of the song below.

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