November 9

Lee Ann Womack’s New Timeless Pride

The lovely and delightful country artist Lee Ann Womack is ecstatic after she shared the release of her newest album. Titled, The Lonely, The Lonesome, and the Gone, she proudly brandishes it as a portrayal of a classic musical style that most people don’t hear any more at present.

According to Womack, the driving force that led her to create her latest album draws back from when she found herself seeking the inspiration and drive she used to have back in the days. It seems like as one works harder and strives each day in a highly competitive industry such as music and entertainment, it is inevitable that there are a few who would lose the courageous spark they once had at the beginning of their careers. “When I was growing up in East Texas, I was full of hope and full of dreams. I was at the beginning of something. I had everything ahead of me. When I was making this record, I wanted to feel that way again.” shares Womack.

In order for her to rekindle that wonderful glimmer of hope and optimism, she drove back to Texas, to the very town where she grew up.

“I went back to Texas to cut this record. I wanted to make music that I loved, music that has been part of my life since I was a little girl.”

Lee Ann Womack’s efforts paid off, as she was able to produce a collection of beautiful new music that masterfully combines genres of blues, country, gospel, and soul. The musical arrangement for the album takes a strong homage to the rich and colorful musical background of what is now called the Lone Star State.

As an entire compilation, The Lonely, The Lonesome, and the Gone brings a dark, brooding, yet highly impactful atmosphere to the listeners. Fans will surely be captivated by the heart-wrenching song Mama Lost Her Smile, the moody All the Trouble, as well as the murder ballad, cover Long Black Veil.

The album was recently launched on October 27 under ATO Records. The tracks were recorded in SugarHill Studios in Houston. Womack chose the studio due to the historic element it contains. The studio happened to be a previous home to many of the artists that served as the singer’s biggest influences. Then known as Gold Star, the place was where Willie Nelson and George Jones recorded some of their biggest hits, such as Night Life, and Please Take the Devil Out of Me.

The studio was fortunately left unharmed during Hurricane Harvey’s devastation. As for the album cover, Lee Ann Womack’s husband and album producer, Frank Liddell chose a black-and-white shot of the artist holding a lit cigarette in her hand and staring past it. For Liddell, the image aptly captures the essence of a bygone era.

Make sure you grab a copy of Lee Ann Womack’s heavily compelling new album!


and the Gone, Lee Ann Womack, The Lonely, The Lonesome

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