April 17

A Story of a Cheating Heart, “How Can I Tell Her” by Lobo

She knows when I’m lonesome, she cries when I’m sad
She’s up in the good times, she’s down in the bad
Whenever I’m discouraged, she knows just what to do
But girl she doesn’t know about you.

I can tell her my troubles, she makes them all seem right
I can make up excuses not to hold her at night
We can talk of tomorrow, I’ll tell her things that I want to do
But girl how can I tell her about you.

These are the opening lines of Lobo’s “How Can I Tell Her.” A sensational love song with a surprising story. This is what this Lobo hit simply expresses. I always get down on my knees whenever I hear this play. The melody, the harmony, and overall, the musicality is simply superb, beautifully arranged. So it is very surprising that beyond the calmness and serenity of the song’s melody, there is a poignant and provoking story.

A Story of a Cheating Heart, "How Can I Tell Her" by Lobo 1
Lobo (Photo by popentertainment.com)

“How Can I Tell Her”: A Story of a Cheating Heart

In general sense, the song is a cheating story. The man expresses that his first partner knows almost everything about him. The only thing is, he doesn’t know how to tell her about his new relationship.

The New York Times has once said, “Marriages fall apart for many different reasons, but one of the most common and most challenging to overcome is the discovery that one partner has ‘cheated’ on the other.” Without any doubt, this statement is indeed true. Whatever the reason behind is, it is certainly difficult to handle a situation caused by a “third party.”

What God has put together, let no man put asunder. This is also a popular statement in one of the verses in the bible. I believed and will always believe in this verse. It has a strong message about fidelity, loyalty, and trust in one’s partner.

“How Can I Tell Her,” however it is melodically beautiful, breaks my heart through its lyrics. It just simply gives the chills of the feeling of being cheated and misunderstood.

Watch Lobo perform his cheating song, “How Can I Tell Her.”


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How Can I Tell Her, Lobo

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