November 30

Can We All Be “A Living Prayer?”

We ask a lot for ourselves, for other people’s needs, and for our country. But have we ever thought of becoming answers to our own prayers? That is what dawned on me while listening to the song “A Living Prayer.”

Especially noted were the lines that say,

/The Savior Lives Inside Me /
Take My Life And Let Me Be/A Living Prayer, My God To Thee. /

We ask for good health, but we are careless at what we eat and sometimes, we border gluttony. Oftentimes, in the name of our career and ambitions, we abused our bodies by depriving it of a good rest.
We ask for harmony in family relationships, but we are half-hearted in purposely setting quality time to connect with our loved ones. Getting together has become more of a drag than a joy.

We ask for all churches to be one in Christ, but we only pay lip service to it. We are still too prideful to set aside our hang-ups with our differences instead of concentrating on the essentials of our faith. Hence, we see a lot of Christians being graceless in words and deeds online.

We ask for God to provide and help the needy, but when he nudges us to go be his hands and feet, we mute our consciences and pretend like we did not hear him at all. We are satisfied with the thought that since we pay our taxes, then it is the government’s job to do what God has specifically laid out in the Bible that his worshippers should do.

Points nailed, imagine the impact we could have in this dark and dying world if each one becomes a living prayer. If we have not started it yet, then now is the time.

“A Living Prayer” written by Ron Block and performed by Alison Krauss


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