January 25

Never Abandon Because Jesus Is Living In Me

There’s that one witty line I saw somewhere on Facebook. It said, “If Jesus is with me, then who cares who’s against me?” For sure, the person behind was not trying to sound a smart aleck. He’s just asserting a truth that once you let Jesus in, there’s no sending him away. He’ll stick for a lifetime and nothing that you’ll ever do or not do will make him leave.

With all that said, listen to this song by the Easter family. A beautiful family coming together to sing praises for the Lord.

“Jesus Is Living In Me” with the Easter Family

Song Reflections

  1. First Verse

We’ve gone through BC’s (Before Christ). Before meeting Christ, we’re just drifting. We have no clear direction on where we’re headed. Enter our Lord and look what we’ve become? We’re now counted redeemed, freed from the shackles of our flesh, and living in liberty.

  1. Second Verse

Once Jesus took over our lives, then there’s a major revamping. He not only changed the affection of our hearts. There’s also that imparting his thoughts. As it was written in 1 Corinthians 2:16, we now have the mind of Christ.

Hence, we become predisposed to want what he wants and go where he leads. As we journey with him, we start seeing people as he sees them. Because he loves every soul, he’ll use our tongues to utter grace-filled words. Ain’t that wonderful? Out of our tongues flow blessings instead of curses.

  1. Third Verse

Of course, being a Christian does not necessarily mean, you’ll be trouble free. In fact, as what we’ve already experienced by now, troubles increases. Does that bother us much? Perhaps. But does that leave us hopeless? Na-ah. Jesus living in us is more than enough.


Easter Family, gospel, Souther Gospel

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