Livin’ On Love” by Alan Jackson is one of his more iconic and unforgettable songs. It is more than just a good song, it also has a great message.

livin' on love

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We can learn a thing or two from this Alan Jackson classic, taking a listen to this song can give us an idea on what and how romantic love is supposed to be. It speaks of love that doesn’t die out because the two people in the song are constantly reminded of why they fell in love in the first place.

As the years go by, the couple stays in love with each other, supporting each other, and growing together. This is the very definition of a proper romantic kind of love and is definitely a #couplegoals for many of us.

About The Song “Livin’ On Love”

Originally written and recorded by Alan Jackson, this song was released in August of 1994 as part of his album titled Who I Am. It was the second single in the album and upon release, the song became a hit, surpassing the album’s title single.

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Livin’ On Love” was able to reach the number one spot on the charts. It was on the top spot for the US Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles Charts, the US Billboard Hot Country Songs Charts, and the Canada Country Tracks charts.

The song came out to a great reception from critics and of course, was a complete hit among music fans.

The Message In “Livin’ On Love”

As mentioned above, we can learn a thing or two from this awesome honky-tonk-like song. The love that was told in the song’s story is something that we should strive for.

The love shown in the song is one that was nurtured through the years and one that both parties in the relationship worked on. That is what helps make a relationship last, it isn’t carried by one person only, it is worked on by both and has respect and communication in it.

So take a listen to the song, feel the pureness of the love in it, and learn a little from it.