“Live Like You Were Dying” is an incredibly inspiring song especially for those who are currently and literally living with a time limit.

live like you were dying

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This song inspires those who are suffering, along with those who love them to take each moment and turn it into a precious memory. It is never easy to go through life knowing that a lot of the odds tell us that we have a time limit.

However, at the same time, it is one of the best feelings in the world when we beat the odds and prove it wrong.

This song comes as a blessing to all of us, regardless of what we are going through, because of the inspirational message that it brings. Of course, we are also thankful to Tim McGraw for bringing us this wonderful song.

live like you were dying

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To those who need to find the motivation to keep going or to keep fighting, listen to this song, you will not regret it. To those who need a boost in life as well, this song is perfect. It is basically a song that truly inspires especially those who may need it the most.

A Short History of “Live Like You Were Dying”

The song tells us a story of a man who was told that his father was suffering from a life-threatening illness. It also tells us an inspiring message about living every day like it was the last.

humble and kind, live like you were dying

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This song hits close to home for Tim McGraw, during the time this song was written, his father, Tug McGraw, a former major league baseball pitcher, was dying from cancer. It was his father’s message to live life to the fullest that inspired the song’s message.

Unfortunately McGraw’s dad passed away two weeks before he recorded the song so the former baseball star wasn’t able to see the song become a hit.

Upon release, the song became an instant hit and it climbed the country charts immediately. The song reached the number one spot in 2004 and stayed there for at least 7 weeks. The song was also named as Billboard’s number 1 country song of 2004.