October 26

Talented Little Boy Charms Crowd with Johnny Cash Performance

Many will agree if we say that only a few could brilliantly render a Johnny Cash hit. And still, some would not even be close enough to the performance of Johnny himself. But, not as adorable as this cute little boy who tried his hand at rendering a Johnny Cash song. In fact, this second grader is actually known as “Little Johnny Cash” since his covers of the country legend’s hits are simply superb.

Singing to the beat of Johnny’s “Folsom Prison Blues” with his guitar on, this cute little boy surprised the crowd with his jaw-dropping performance. Undeniably, his musical talent and skills are irresistible and a joy to watch. Seemingly, he looks as if he was a pro and like he has been trained for this.

A Natural Talent

Little Johnny oozes with an inherent talent that is difficult to deny. Truth be told, he just simply strums his trusty guitar in perfect tempo. In addition, he adds Cash’s heartfelt vocals with a mix of his talent, creating a sensational performance. Everyone who watches this would definitely be swoon to this cute little boy.

Although Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” carries a message heavier than Little Johnny’s guitar, the performance is nothing but spectacular.

Check out Little Johnny Cash’s performance as he brilliantly delivers “Folsom Prison Blues:”

Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues”

Originally released on December 15, 1955, “Folsom Prison Blues” is considered Johnny Cash’s signature songs. Cash self-penned the song as he combined elements from two popular folk styles – the train song and the prison song. Moreover, it was the eleventh track on his first album, With His Hot and Blue Guitar. Most notably, Cash also recorded a live version of the song for the inmates at Folsom State Prison itself.

This song was a number one hit in 1968. The following year, Cash earned a Grammy Award for Best Male Country Vocal Performance following a live performance of the song.

Watch Johnny Cash perform his original version of “Folsom Prison Blues:”


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