June 18

God Makes His Presence Utterly Felt by a Little Girl

God Makes His Presence Utterly Felt by a Little Girl 1
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It’s heartwarming to see people pouring their hearts out to express their adoration to the Lord. Those hands raised show their submission to the will of God and those voices that utter praises and repentance show us a glimpse of heaven.

They say that the true act of worship is shown in the way you care for other people. More so, reverence to God is measured with the level of your obedience. Aside from the knowledge of what is right and wrong, our faith is being tested, at the same time honed. Believers have that mysterious discernment whenever God wants them to do something for His glory. As many would testify, God’s instruction personally comes to them through dreams, signs, and other unexpected instances.

Innocent, pure worship

Now, it’s a different story when the Holy Spirit makes its presence known through an innocent child. In the video below, you can watch how a child who is clueless about religion, faith, and life itself move and dance with the worship song.

We can just say this is a coincidence, but the little girl’s expression is so genuine. She can entice you to reflect on your spiritual lifestyle and might as well intensify your worship.

Worship is more than a song

Worship has become synonymous with singing and dancing, but let us not forget that the real core of worship is the sincerity of our heart. We don’t have to be great musicians or artists to worship God, all we need is a personal relationship with Him and live with the truth of His unconditional love. Worshiping is fundamental to living a faith-filled and Spirit-led Christian life.

We can only feel the real rewarding prize of worship when we give ourselves totally to the Lord. Worship is a movement of our hearts, thoughts and how we accept God’s will in our lives. It reflects the selfless generosity of God.

So fella, make worship a lifestyle so you won’t miss God’s greatness in your life. God bless your days!

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