August 3

How Does it Feel “When Someone Stops Loving You?”

Little Big Town on the woods
Little Big Town on the woods / Youtube

Love Done Gone

Little Big Town strikes a deep chord with “When Someone Stops Loving You,” a song that laments on a relationship that has gone astray. The four-minute video for the track, set in the wilderness, added to yearning vocals lead by Jimi Westbrook. The group, all dressed in black, walked slowly on the bleak landscape as they mourn from a love gone wrong.

The song’s highlight, however, talks about how the world continues to spin while you are struggling to get through the day. And though the aching person felt like everything else stopped, people around him continue to live their life like nothing has changed.

When someone stops loving you
It don’t make the evening news
It don’t keep the sun from rising, clock from winding, heart from beating
Even when you want it to
When someone stops loving you 

The flowing lines and compelling melody came from the masterful penning of Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna, and Chase McGill. “When Someone Stops Loving You” highlights the pristine harmonies of the quartet.

Jimi Wrestbrook of Little Big Town
Jimi Westbrook of Little Big Town / Youtube

On Dealing with Breakups

A breakup is one of the most devastating emotional experiences one can ever encounter, it triggers all sorts of painful and unsettling emotions. Even when the relationship is no longer good, it represents loss and causes disappointment. That bond that began with a high note of excitement and hopes for the future suddenly ends.

Aside from the sorrow you have to go through, you may also feel confusion, isolation, and fear about the future. Questions and uncertainties begin to fill your thoughts. Will I ever find someone else? What’s next for me? Will I end up all alone? These unknowns may seem even worse than an unhappy relationship.

But the good news, you have a choice of getting through the difficult times. You can even move on with a renewed sense of optimism and hope.

The first step towards moving on is allowing yourself to grieve for the loss. The idea of a somber feeling enveloping you be uncomfortable, but know that grief is essential to the healing process. The pain it causes is exactly what helps you let go of an unhelpful relationship. Just remember that every circumstance shall come to pass.

Also, keep good companions near you. Talk about how you exactly feel, cry out loud if you want to. And after that, do what you’ve been wanting to do. Invest time in activities that lift your morale. Exercising or outdoor fun that involves fitness helps your mind and body feel better. Take care of yourself more than you ever did before.

Lastly, during your recovery, you need to understand what happened and acknowledge the part you played. You have to understand that the choices you made also affected the relationship. The more you recognize your mistakes, the wiser you’ll become in handling future relationships.

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Little Big Town, When Someone Stops Loving You

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